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Increase revenue & save money

Faster recoat times mean your asset is out of commission for less time, and you can increase its availability and turnover potential. Our customers also typically use 30% less paint, reducing costs.

Say goodbye to customer complaints

All our paints are non-allergenic and virtually odour free, meaning customer complaints become a thing of the past.


Achieve exceptional, longer lasting results.

Surfaces painted with Paintfinity look better for longer, so you don't need to decorate as frequently.


Choose depth of colour that lasts with our unique formulae

Using only the very best ingredients and latest coating technologies means colours are rich and endure longer than leading competitors.

Create your perfect colour with infinite colour solutions

Don't just settle for a colour that's close enough. We create the exact colour you need.


Choose a truly sustainable product from a carbon neutral company

Sustainability has always been, and will remain at the heart of what we do. Together we can make a difference.

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Retail & Office


Sport & Leisure

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Branding In Hospitality Design

Brand recognition can go a long towards securing customer loyalty. Is your logo recognisable? And does it demonstrate your company values? Remeber, consistency is key...


How Much Does Cheap Paint Cost Your Business?

Opting for cheaper paint can actually cost you far more in the long-run. Premium products are known as such for a reason, lasting longer and looking better throughout their lifetime.



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Certified carbon neutral company

Paintfinity is an environmentally friendly decorative paint system that out performs traditional paint products. It achieves this through the use of the very best ingredients mixed to an exlusive recipe developed by the best scientists.

We also ensure sustainability and the environment is at the forefront of all our business decisions and operations.

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