Updates : Back of House Blues

Back of House Blues

 15th Feb 2017


Hilton have recently asked us to supply our Paintfinity® products, capable of being easily wiped down to remove grease splashes, in connection with a prototype buffet area they are looking to roll out in the UK. A leading brand of paint already tested on a pilot project is showing signs of excessive wear after just a few weeks, despite claiming to be scrubbable.  Grease marks and scuffs were appearing on the pilot project painted surfaces and when wiped the marks remained.

Clearly, customer experience and brand quality is important to all companies, especially those with the established reputation for quality such as Hilton Hotels. Appearance is everything, and astute operators recognize that quality products that deliver, need to be selected as part of the procurement process to provide the customer with the experience they deserve.  To do anything other than this potentially damages brand and drives customers to competitors.

The quality and reputation of our Paintfinity® product range, and the fact that our products are widely used successfully across the hospitality sector where performance matters is a key reason why Hilton contacted us on this occasion.

If you operate in the challenging world of hospitality and customer service, feel free to contact us to see how our products can benefit and enhance your customer perceptions and operational experience.

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