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4 Common Commercial Paint Problems & Solutions


Painting your commercial space, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, store or office can require a substantial investment. Scoping the project to understand what could go wrong and identifying potential issues you might have is a standard recommendation before committing to a contract/appointment with a decorating contractor.

Spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a redecoration project is a big commitment, and you don’t want to end up regretting your decision because you were unprepared for the potential issues you could run into - and were unaware of their solutions.

Here are 4 common commercial paint problems, and solutions, to be aware of before committing to or taking on a commercial decorating project.

1. Peeling Or Cracked Paint

Nothing ruins a good paint job like peeling or cracked paint - also known as alligatoring due its resemblance to alligator scales. Your newly refurbished rooms begin to look tired and un-kept and the quality finish you were hoping for is short lived. Not an ideal situation when your business has spent a significant amount of money redecorating.

The main reason for paint peeling or scratching off is usually because of poor adhesion to the substrate. Often, this is as a result of poor surface preparation or the incompatibility of new paint with the existing paint or surface. When hiring a decorating contractor, it is important to question the decorator as to what surface preparation is included in the quote!  Adequate preparation in accordance with BS 6150, section 4 might cost a little bit more, but that additional investment will go a long way if you want longer lasting results.

Poor quality products are also a major reason for peeling, or cracked paint, and similarly to investing in surface prep, investing in a suitable high quality paint really does make the difference if you want high quality, longer lasting results. Take a look here for how spending more on paint will can actually save you money.

2. Nasty Odours

The quality of the paint job itself is usually the main focus when it comes to judging how successful a redecoration or redesign has been. However, what if your redecoration project means your establishment is kept closed for days or even weeks because of paint smells. You certainly couldn’t reopen a restaurant or parts of a hotel if the building is still full of paint fumes, because those fumes will result in customer complaints as seen here.

However, simply keeping your business closed for the duration is not a sustainable option; it causes a loss in revenue and is inconvenient for both customers and staff, but what is the solution to this?

Unfortunately, with most commercial paint there is little you can do in the way of reducing the paint fumes.  Some products market themselves as being low odour or odourless, but the reality in most cases is that the paint contains an additive which neutralises the smell (often known as masking agents!) – the harmful fumes are still present and can still cause discomfort.

All Paintfinity paints however are virtually odourless, without the addition of masking agents. You won’t have to worry about shutting down for several days or receiving negative customer complaints - saving you money and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Chalking

While many associate chalking with using a matt paint, it can also be caused by using a low quality, high pigmented paint or by using the wrong type of paint on a particular surface. It leads to a fine powder accumulating on the surface of the paint as a result of weathering, which can cause fading and residue transfer if you were to brush up against it - yet another way your paint could result in customer complaints. 

Although removing chalking residue is possible and can be achieved by using a bristled brush and water, this often leads to a patchy finish and the surface will most likely need touching up - if not completely repainting. The real solution here is to ensure the paint your business purchases is of the correct type for the surface and finish required (e.g. interior, exterior, matt, satin or gloss paint), and that it is of a high quality.

4. Difficult to Maintain

Commercial paint often needs to be of a higher durability than domestic paint as a result of the increased wear and tear it is subject to; hotel rooms being bumped with suitcases, bar walls being stained with food and drink and school corridors being drawn on/marked by students to name just a few examples.

In order to maintain a clean and smart finish, it is crucial that commercial paint can be cleaned easily and on a regular basis. Cheaper paints often flake away or begin to go patchy after they have been wiped down, causing the walls to look worse than being stained.

Paintfinity paint on the other hand has an excellent scrub resistance, comfortably achieving 80% better than the class 1 scrub resistance criteria when measuring loss of dry film thickness, as well as having superb resistance to marks and scuffs - meaning you are less likely to have to clean your walls, and when you do, you don’t have to worry about damaging the paint! Take a look here for more information on the quality of Paintfinity products and its benefits.

The moral of the story is that buying high grade, quality paint is the solution to many common commercial paint problems.  While there are things you can do to maintain walls and ceilings once they have chalked or cracked or been marked, choosing high quality paint will avoid these issues happening all together.

Of course, this might mean a larger upfront investment from a cost per can point of view, but the short term application benefits along with the long-term gains and savings from this will be worth more than the little extra investment, saving you money over the lifetime of the completed work.

The good news is that there is complete paint solution to help avoid these commercial paint issues, allowing you to:

  • Increase revenue & save money
  • Eradicate customer complaints
  • Choose a truly sustainable product
  • Produce a reliable and longer lasting finish

Paintfinity commercial paint products tackle all the above. We have extensive experience in supplying commercial paint, and we can work with you to achieve a high quality bespoke solution.

If you would like more information on our commercial paint or would like to book a site visit with a member of our team please get in touch below or give us a call on 01962 711640.

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