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4 Differences Between Niche and Mass Market Paint

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The majority of well-known DIY stores sell retail, or domestic paint exclusively with the likes of Dulux, Crown and Farrow & Ball leading the market in this area. However, due to the over exposure of retail paints many people are completely unaware of the niche commercial paint products that are available, and that offer much better value than other, more high-profile paint brands.

But what are the differences between niche commercial paints such as Paintfinity, and other more widely known trade and retail paints?

To the untrained eye, the only real difference is price. However, for those who paint more often, or specify paint as part of their job the variations make a huge difference to the quality of a redecoration or refurbishment.

1. Quality

The first and most distinctive difference between niche commercial paint and retail paint is quality. The quality of a niche commercial paint such as Paintfinity is far superior to that of the paints you find in the likes of B&Q. This is because the business model is different insofar that niche providers are in the business of producing lower volumes with no real desire to capture the mass market. Niche providers are more ‘artisan’, want customers to have a much better experience, and are passionate about providing the customer with real value and building repeat and lasting business. with trade paints providing better coverage, pigment and finish. This often means with a product like Paintfinity, you need to apply fewer coats of paint to finish the job. In most cases two is plenty, whereas with many mass market paints you need to apply at least three or even four coats before seeing an acceptable finish.

Paintfinity also offers paint that dries in much less time. Not only will this ensure your painting contractor (or whoever is carrying out your paint job) is as efficient as possible, it also means you can get the job done quicker, reducing the downtime of your business or establishment. That’s the real, invaluable difference between a quality niche product designed specifically with an end user in mind rather than a mass market paint that aims to capture as much of the market as possible, but that very often does not entirely satisfy the requirements of the customer.

2. Durability

Following on from this, it is important to touch on the fact that with better quality comes enhanced durability. While this isn’t as important in a domestic sense, when it comes to a commercial refurbishment or redecoration, durability is a key consideration.

Our previous blog, 4 Common Commercial Paint Problems & Solutions touched upon the major issues with using low quality paint including peeling, cracking, chalking and difficulties maintaining walls as a result of this. These are all fairly common issues found when using lower quality mass market paints manufactured generally using lower quality ingredients.

These properties are particularly important when carrying out a commercial project as a result of the higher footfall commercial buildings are subject to. Scuffs and marks on walls are often a regular occurrence so being able to maintain these is key. Paintfinity’s range of commercial paint guarantees outstanding cleanability without damaging the paint finish, providing a much longer lifecycle.

3. Testing + Specification

In order to achieve results of better quality and durability, niche commercial paints are tested rigorously to ensure they meet the high standards required of professional painting contractors and the commercial market.

One such test is BSI EN ISO 11998 Scrub test.  This test evaluates the loss of dry film thickness after 200 scrub cycles.  Many paints aspire to achieve the highest rating of Class 1, which is a loss of 5 microns. Many of the major manufacturers will engineer their premium products to fall just inside the category of Class 1, and many of the higher volume mass market products will fall into Class 2.

Paintfinity in developing its range set out to exceed the class 1 criteria significantly, and as such achieved a loss of dry film thickness of less than 1 micron.  The result of this outstanding durability is that surfaces decorated with Paintfinity will outlast those painted with our competitors’ products.

4. Price

Price is another difference between a niche paint supplier and the large well known and widely distributed brands of paint. A common misconception is that the large brands are cheaper, which is why contractors choose to use it. 

Whilst carrying a lower cost per tin with trade discount, these larger well-known brands when factoring in application and life cycle durability are often more expensive to buy when compared to niche commercial paint such as Paintfinity. When factoring in durability, quality and opacity, less paint and reduced labour is required to complete a decoration job. So, in actual fact, although the price point of Paintfinity is slightly higher in can price, the benefits of the product outweigh this additional upfront investment. As an example of this, Paintfinity is proven to go 25-30% further than cheaper mass market paint.

In a domestic sense, it may not be worth the additional expenditure, however, you can imagine the savings to be made when you are faced with needing to paint commercial spaces with hundreds of square metres of surface area.

Of course, Retail paints are generally more than acceptable for domestic situations, but there are vast benefits from using Paintfinity for business which is designed to help facilitate decreased downtime and labour costs.

Paintfinity’s High Quality Commercial Paint

At Paintfinity, we specialise in supplying quality commercial paint to businesses and have extensive experience working within the hospitality, education, retail and leisure industries.

Paintifinity paints are high quality, durable and engineered to provide our customers with added value in the can. We aim to sell you less by selling you more in terms of quality, and Paintfinity are therefore sustainable, not only because you will use less of it than conventional paints, but also our paints have at least 50% less VOCs than required by legislation, allowing your refurbishment project to be that little bit kinder to the environment. Our odourless formula also ensures neither you nor your customers need to be subject to unpleasant paint fumes, see more on this here.

Our paints are also available in any colour, and are custom mixed to your exact colour requirements. Using our 5-step colour matching process, we can take your sample, colour reference or material and transfer this into an accurate paint colour so you interior design can remain on brand.

If you would like more information on Paintfinity’s outstanding range of commercial paints or would like to set up a trade account with us please get in touch here or give us a call on 01962 711 640.

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