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How Paint Can Help Make Your Hotel Sustainable

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There has never been a greater expectancy for the hospitality sector, and hotels in particular, to become sustainable. Indeed in 2018 a greener outlook is not so much anticipated as it is demanded.

To be sustainable is to have next to no negative impact on the environment, both local and global. The evolution of paint makes this once fanciful goal attainable for hoteliers all over the world.

Traditional Paint

Yet the stark reality is this was not always possible. Traditional paints based upon oil as a solvent are frankly hazardous and one of the top indoor air polluters. Volatile Organic Compounds – or VOC’s – stem from coatings and continue to be released years after a project is completed.

As if to underline their toxicity indoor concentrations of VOC’s are ten times higher than the outdoor equivalent – leaving guests and staff alike exposed.

Many of the key ingredients to paint in the past were harmful, with pigments containing the likes of cadmium, lead and chromium; binders and carriers the likes of petrochemicals, solvents and benzene. Together they make for a harmful cocktail with little in the way of concern for environment or human health.

Legislation was enacted by many countries, with the EU requiring paint manufacturers to begin cleaning up their act from 2007, with further legislative requirements becoming law in 2010.

Many to the multi-national businesses in the sector making paints lobbied to reduce the impact of legislation whilst they scrambled to develop new products to meet the legislation, with varying results in respect of performance of newly formulated paint products. 

Pioneers such as Paintfinity set out without the baggage of previously selling toxic paint products, and as such were able to formulate with a blank canvas using water based acrylic technology.

Suddenly water-based, environmentally friendly paints were entering the market, however many received criticism due to lack of durability, coverage, poor opacity and workability.

Paintfinity on the other hand developed acrylic based paints that performed like oil based products, but instead did not have the harmful effects of oil products.  Acrylic technology at the same time brought to market – offering a favourable alternative to the tried and tested come backwards and archaic formula.

With their rise came pressure from governments to follow suit. Now incentives are available to hospitality establishments that onboard with sustainable solutions – the likes of grants, tax relief and insurance discounts tempting the uninitiated.

So how exactly can Paintfinity and likeminded brands help hotels to become sustainable?


Firstly, by introducing them to water-based paints with near zero emissions. Paintfinity products are heavy-metal free with the colourants containing no VOC content whatsoever. By embracing 100% pure water-based paints the carbon footprints of even the biggest chains will be improved overnight.

Paintfinity lasts longer, reducing the necessity for regular maintenance. Indeed, recoats become less frequent, as does the upheaval and pollution associated with them.

Paintfinity paints’ have fantastic opacity reducing the number of coats required.  Additionally, with Paintfinity you can touch in repairs more easily as opposed to fully fledged re-decoration. This capability is achieved through the quality of raw ingredients used and high strength colourants.

One of the few obvious examples of pollution is that of smell, off-putting for anyone enjoying a hotel getaway. Paintfinity has almost zero odour – our main emission being water vapour, underlining a commitment to the environment omnipresent since our 2009 launch.


Boasting an environmentally friendly paint however counts for little if your wider operation is one at odds with a green approach.

Throughout the course of the past decade Paintfinity have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, whilst operating out of a low carbon business park near Winchester.

Further afield we drive low carbon emitting vehicles, re-cycle all waste and adopt FSC certified or recycled paper products for all documents and packaging requirements.


On the whole Paintfinity products are proven to use 30% less materials whilst still outperforming our closest competitors. When an industry-wide shift towards water-based products ensued, we were ahead of the curve.

There really is no excuse for hotels not to embrace sustainable paints in 2018. Historic reservations relating to downtimes are exactly that – historic, and do not need to be repeated – while the overall customer experience is bettered by the inclusion of longer-lasting, sustainable, high performing paints.

A failure to modernise risks alienating a clientele that expect better of big business.

For more information on Paintfinity’s range of sustainable paints please get in touch or call us on 01962 711 640.


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