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Is Your Painting Contractor Losing You Money?

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Painting and decorating contractors are something of a requirement if you are going to be decorating large premises. When you have multiple rooms, hallways and hundreds of square feet to cover, doing it all in-house is often not practical, or the best financial solution.  

The amount of man hours you would need, assuming you have the in-house team, to get the job done in a timely manner may not be achievable, and having your hotel or restaurant closed for weeks on end while you paint certainly isn’t ideal and costs you revenue.

There’s also the preparation work to think about; What surface preparation should you be doing in each room? What type of primer should you apply? What special equipment might you need? Of course, painting and decorating contractors save you the headache of having to think about questions like this- but at what cost? Is your painting contractor really saving you money and hassle?

Specifying Materials

Your painting contractor should know all there is to know about what types of materials to use and which brands of products are best, so typically you may allow them to specify what they feel they need for the job. Have you ever considered, however, that your painting/decorating contractor may not be aware of the best products on the market, or worst still, might be inclined, or incentivised by manufacturers to specify a product that does not always deliver best value for your business, but instead works for them?  It could also be the case that one product is quoted for and another lower quality product used?  The industry terminology for this is ‘Bait and Switch’, essentially meaning the painting/decorating company sells you the project with premium paint and either mix this premium product with a much cheaper paint, or even uses a cheaper paint all together. 

This means your business could be spending thousands of pounds for a quality product and receiving, at best, a mediocre paint. This will lead to your decoration project failing prematurely and you will need to redecorate sooner than you had anticipated, costing you significantly more money in the mid to long term.  The worst thing is many businesses don’t realise this until it’s too late.

Of course, not all painting and decorating contractors would do this, but it is certainly something to consider when hiring a contractor. 

To avoid being a victim of ‘Bait and Switch’ practises, or your decorating project failing prematurely we would always recommend that you specify products that satisfy your own criteria, and not that of a third party contracting organisation. To be one-hundred percent sure, we would advise specifying products in-house where possible, including paint and primer, and ensuring the brand/quality of the product is detailed within the work contract. It is also vitally important for the project to be adequately monitored to ensure compliance. One sure way of guaranteeing that the right materials are used is for you to purchase them yourself and have them delivered to site for the contractor to use.  This way not only will you be sure to get the products you’re expecting, you could also save money on mark up costs.

Some key questions to ask your contractor before handing over your money…

Questions To Ask Your Contractor

How Many Coats Of Paint?
Understand the scope of the project before committing to a specific contractor. If you are specifying or buying your own paint then ensure they are aware of which paint they will be using, so they can advise you better on how many coats they will need to use. 

Some contractors might specify more than others and be mindful that each additional coat of paint won’t just mean more paint is required, it’ll also mean more man hours are required which can be costly to your business. 

When using Paintfinity paint, you typically use 30% less than the average commercial paint and two coats is usually enough to give a perfect finish. See coverage details here.

Will Prep Work Be Done Before Painting & What Does This Include?
Check if the quote your contractor provides you with is inclusive of all prep work e.g. washing walls, repairing holes and scrapes, removing any stains, sanding, and to what extent they will complete preparation for painting. There’s nothing worse than having a bad finish to your refurbishment due to bad painting prep, especially when you have invested in high quality paint! Also ensure any prep work you may have verbally agreed on is also in the contract of work.

Does The Work Come With A Warranty?
Always ask your contractor if the project will come with a warranty and how long this is valid for. This is especially important if you have asked the contractor to specify materials themselves. If there is a problem with the paint job you may not see the effects of this until many months after completion so ensure your warranty covers you until you are happy to redecorate.


We have developed a product with the end customer in mind, looking to save your business money and hassle with a product that offers better durability, sustainability, minimises downtime and means you will use 30% less, saving you money and time. Take a look here for more information on Paintfinity products.

Our products also have quick drying properties meaning recoat time is kept to a minimum so your contractor can remain productive and get the job done for you as quickly as possible!

Remember to specify Paintfinity products with your painting or decorating contractor to give you peace of mind and a high-quality finish.

Our products are formulated with trade/commercial customers in mind, so if you would like to enquire about specifying our products or setting up a trade account please get in touch or call us on 01962 711 640.

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