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Signs That Your Establishment Needs A Refurb


When it comes to the hospitality sector knowing when to freshen things up is vital. Refurbishment is not exactly straightforward. Indeed the biggest buildings can take months to overhaul, resulting in downtime and periods where your business is unable to operate to its full potential. Delaying a makeover however could cost companies far more in the long-run.

Thankfully there are a handful of tell-tale signs that indicate when re-decoration should be considered, and come such tine, calling upon Paintfinity products will guarantee the best results. For further information on paint products for the hospitality industry take a look here.

Listen to the crowd

Hotels, restaurants, sporting venues, concert halls and the like exist to serve the public. It only right then that that same public are free to comment on their experience.

The rise of TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Reviews and more mean it has never been easier to share opinions on the state of a venue. This leaves establishments open to a bad press, yes, but constructive criticism can actually inspire improvement. Indeed if complaints contain commonality – the quality of the interior, how a room is laid-out, peeling walls, paint fumes etc. – you can be certain that change is necessary.

Of course ceding to every suggestion will lead you on a road to ruin but canvassing opinion is important. Customers are after all the lifeblood of any business.

How is business?

Internal reviews can themselves trigger refurbishment. Nobody knows a business better than those leading it and stagnation, or worse still a drop in profits, should be investigated. There can be all manner of reasons why an establishment draws less business– be it economic, seasonal or otherwise – but do not discount a failure to modernise.

A particular colour scheme and décor may have impressed the masses at one time but resting on your laurels risks alienating them in the longer-term. If a rival chain has undergone a complete makeover you suddenly look old hat. Customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted.

If bookings take a nose-dive it may be time for a refresh, one breathing new life into your business.


Conducting regular assessments of your building and its features will ensure you stay on top of any wear and tear. A full site review will shine a light on stains, rips, fades and odours, not to mention unintentional changes in temperature. Most of the time such issues can be resolved relatively quickly – allowing for a simple touch-up may do the trick.

The bigger concern is when the aforementioned problems are not dealt with in a timely manner and begin to multiply. The cost of dealing with them once this occurs leads to the inevitable multiplication in cost. This is your workplace telling you it is high time changes were implemented.

One of Paintfinity’s many benefits is our products are quick drying. Faster coat times mean what can on the surface appear a daunting refurb is greatly simplified. Every layer is re-coatable comfortably within one hour, resulting in less down time for a venue and less labourers for each job.

Moreover Paintfinity is a longer lasting paint, saving you the time and effort of redecorating mere months after a refurbishment.

Stay on trend

It never hurts to keep abreast of latest design trends. Admittedly, these can change on a near seasonal basis and not even the richest entrepreneurs can sanction a refurbishment quite that frequently. Nevertheless knowing which colours are in and which are deemed somewhat dated will dictate whether your interior warrants discussion.

The copper look is an example of one said to be losing popularity, while gold is supposedly in…again. Did you know this?

Reassuringly exact colours can be matched using Paintfinity paint. Better still we use the best ingredients and latest coating technologies that outperform our competitors.

Knowing when to embark upon a full scale refurb is never easy. The four indicators listed above should simplify that decision, while our sustainable paint can be relied upon to deliver on it.

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