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How High Quality Paint Will Improve Your Hospitality Business

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Presentation and perception are critical for a hospitality business. Much time, money and effort is spent ensuring premises look perfect for those that frequent them, but why is it so critical?


When buying a house one of the first things either you will notice, or which will be pointed out to you by the estate agent, is the curb appeal of the property - what does it look like from the street. Cracked, peeling and faded paint work doesn’t look good and detracts from the property - a fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards smartening up the exterior.

The appearance from the outside builds a picture in the mind of how well it will look on the inside - people make assumptions about what the interior looks like based on what they can already see. By positively influencing this preconception it’s easier for the interior to make a good impression.

Hospitality focussed businesses are judged in exactly the same way, in fact the effect is probably even more pronounced.

When buying property, imperfections and work needing to be done are usually accepted or taken on balance with what else the property offers – seen as a fix for later as you make the place your own.

You get no such grace when hosting guests. They are there for a short period of time and are paying for the privilege, meaning they expect things to be perfect at the time of their stay. Potential customers want to see a property that looks as well cared for as they expect to be.

By ensuring your business looks great from the outside it will attract customers in with the promise of the same smart and stylish look inside.

However, painting the exterior of a building is no small task - so by investing in a better quality paint, it will make the effort that goes into repainting worthwhile as it will last much longer and look better throughout its life.

Surfaces painted with Paintfinity will last a lot longer than surfaces painted with many well known branded trade paints, as the paint is more durable and resistant to damage and fading. Not having to pay out for repainting at the same frequency as you currently need to do saves money, time and effort in the long term.


Once you’ve attracted them in, you need to match the contents with the quality of the wrapping. They have been enticed by the potential of your establishment, but you need to deliver the full experience by continuing the same high standards throughout.

Your curb appeal may already have them in the frame of mind where they want to like what they see when stepping through the doors, but if the interior décor isn’t up to scratch, it will only lead to disappointment.

This is your opportunity to impress, and if you succeed they will return – as well as recommending you to others. Having a beautifully presented interior design to go with a smart exterior will create the best possible experience for them and ensure they’ll want to tell others just how great your establishment is.

Tatty and damaged paint work will only damage your chances of impressing your customers, so putting effort into keeping everything as it should be is not a fruitless endeavour.

It is however, a task that can take up a considerable amount of time and money. Busy areas suffer high levels of wear, and it’s not feasible to constantly close these areas to touch up paintwork every time it gets scratched or marked.

This is why investing in a paint that can better stand up to this punishment is an economical investment. Paintifinity’s paint achieves the highest class 1 category when tested against ISO 11998 Scrub Test. 

With a loss of 0.84 film thickness over 200 cycles, it far exceeds the criteria for ISO 11998 which requires for a product to comply with Class 1, a loss of 5.0 microns is permitted. This means most marks can be fixed with a damp cloth rather than a paintbrush, and will last much longer than those offered by our competitors. Take a look here to find out more about paint for hospitality. 

The paint also has very low emissions, so when work is carried out, you do not lose sections of your building whilst you wait for the paint smells to dissipate. When you combine this with the excellent drying time of the paint, which can be recoated comfortably within 20-60 mins, maintenance becomes so much easier – saving you money, and more importantly allowing you to monetise your building so much quicker.

Paintfinity paint may cost more up per litre, but when the many different benefits it offers are taken in to account, it is actually cheaper saving you money initially and over the long term:

  • Better Coverage
  • Less Paint Required
  • Damage Resistant
  • Scrub Resistant
  • No Fumes
  • Faster Drying Times
  • Longer Lasting
  • Better Finish

If you would like more information on Paintfinity’s range of commercial paints or would like to set up a trade account with us please get in touch here or give us a call on 01962 711 640.

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