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Paintfinity For The Hospitality Sector

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The hospitality sector is a multi-billion pound industry where attention to detail rules. Indeed the best hotels, bars, restaurants and social clubs are those that refuse to compromise on quality. That strive for perfection is one helped in no small part by the selection of paints.

When weighing up the options however there can only be one solution.

Since coming to market in 2009 Paintfinity has made a telling contribution to some of the biggest names in the hospitality sector. Look no further than The Dorchester.

The Dorchester

Revered for providing guests with the ultimate in overnight stay, this five-star British institution retains the same look and feel which so defined it at its 1930s opening. Luxury however necessitates modernisation, particularly when it comes to maintenance.

Paintfinity’s relationship with The Dorchester stretches back nearly a decade, when Chief Engineer Andy Churchill decided to use our products. When Andy realised that the benefits of an odourless paint that was quick drying and super durable would prove invaluable to an organisation known for redecorating between guest stays.

The decision to use Paintfinity was made after a trial of our products where the brief was relatively simple; improve downtimes where rooms are out of action. That goal was quickly realised.

The benefits that set Paintfinity products apart from the rest will always lead to less disruption, greater productivity and – most importantly – an increase in profits. Sure enough, room availability rose as we proved suites could be painted in a morning and slept in that same night.

So instant was our impact a longer-term arrangement was soon struck. Today our paint is used by all of The Dorchester Collection hotels in the UK.

Hospitality extends further than hoteliers however, and the restaurant industry is another to reap the rewards of Paintfinity’s innovative approach. Take Bella Italia as a case in point.

Bella Italia

Management group Tragus sanctioned a refurbishment of their Camberley branch, one encompassing the entire building. Naturally, reservations of a different kind surrounded a likely closure spanning an indefinite period.

A contractor was identified and handed a tight, seven day window in which to have the eatery up and running. Their remit included updates to all internal fixtures and fittings, accomplishing the makeover without leaving a bad smell.

We were chosen as the sole paint supplier and utilised a mixture of Acrylic Matt, Acrylic Low Sheen and Acrylic Satin to achieve the preferred appearance.

Not only did Bella Italia benefit from a quality finish, Tragus used 33% less paint than initially anticipated – this due to its significantly better opacity and coverage than that offered by many other leading brands of paint.

As for those fears surrounding bad smells certain to upset diners; given our paint is not only odourless but also non-allergenic, no customer experiences were negatively impacted.


What of sporting events? Well, we have those covered too. Indeed sport does not come much bigger than Wimbledon. Since 2014 Paintfinity have been charged with lighting up the world’s foremost tennis championship for both players, crowds and the watching millions.

Understandably, an occasion of this magnitude comes with a sizable brief. The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club are very particular about surfaces not reflecting to the detriment of viewers and causing unwelcomed glare. Likewise quick turnarounds are a must as touch-ups happen around the clock during this two week tournament. And, in a common theme throughout the hospitality sector, no smell can linger and threaten the wider spectator experience.

One of Paintfinity’s key selling points is the fact exact colours can be matched. This is never better portrayed than at Wimbledon where we tap into Acrylic Low Sheen, Acrylic Satin and Acrylic Gloss to realise those world famous, unmistakable, brand colours of Wimbledon.

Four years into the partnership Paintfinity continue to supply paint for the grounds and buildings of Wimbledon, playing our part in one of sport’s great events.

De Vere Wooten House

Returning to the world of hotels, the De Vere Wooten House is another to experience the magic of Paintfinity paint. Indeed when the Principal Hotel group decided to overhaul one of their flagship properties we were tasked with supplying paint for around 80% of the project. This soon changed.

On completion of the nine month refurb – one rolled out in stages – we were asked whether we could provide paint to those areas not painted in Paintfinity. Unfortunately, though predictably, these walls had scuffed and marked as the chasm in quality between Paintfinity and other brands became all too clear. A repair job ensued and now hotel staff can easily remove marks through cleaning. ‘Touch-ins’ are now better and easier than ever.

As with The Dorchester, the De Vere Wooten were acutely aware of the impact decorating, drying times and resulting odour can have on business. Paintfinity quelled those fears and proved when implemented less time is required to complete a decoration project. Deliveries to the hotel grounds have been timely, allowing for that aforementioned one day turnaround previously thought to be impossible.

Paintfinity’s influence on the hospitality sector is wide-ranging and growing. Big names are recognising the difference our long-lasting, sustainable and high performing paints can have on not only the customer experience, but profits also.

The very best ingredients and coating technologies elevate us above the competition, as the companies above will attest.

If you would like more information on Paintfinity products for the hospitality sector, please get in touch here or give us a call on 01962 711 640, we will be only too pleased to help.

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