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Why Your Refurb is Losing You Money

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Customer reviews are of critical importance to businesses as up to 90% of customers will look at the reviews on a product or service before making a purchase/booking.

Online reviews can be worth their weight in gold, but are also a single point of failure - particularly in the hospitality industry. Big players like TripAdvisor provide potential customers with increasingly detailed access to the experiences of others using your facility be it a hotel, restaurant, café or bar - with bad reviews usually having the most influence over a potential customers decision.

Of course, there are often complaints about a hotel or restaurant being a little ‘run down’ or ‘tired’, which is why refurbishments and redecorations are a regular occurrence in the hospitality industry. Without them success rates and reviews take a downward turn as potential guests look elsewhere.

However, carrying out a refurbishment or redecoration project could cost you just as much in customer happiness, satisfaction and revenues as neglecting your facility and allowing it to look worn down.

Why? Because of the lingering smell of paint.


We’ve all experienced the unpleasant, almost suffocating smell of paint - be it in our own homes, at work, or out and about. It’s something that we must endure in some situations; however, it isn’t something we would expect to endure if we had paid good money to use and enjoy a facility like a hotel or restaurant.

At this point it’s important to address that the smell of paint isn’t just unpleasant, it can also cause nasty side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea and in some cases can cause certain allergies to flare up. I think you’ll agree that this really isn’t the ideal situation for someone who has paid to stay in your hotel or eat at your restaurant and is almost certainly something your customers would complain about, be it publicly or otherwise.

In most cases the smell of paint is something that lingers for several days at least, and as much as you may wish to ensure any residual odour has gone it simply isn’t always sustainable to keep a restaurant or hotel closed for that period of time.  The compromise you make meaning it is then something your customers have to endure, often spoiling their experience.

Customer Complaint Paint Smell

This particular example demonstrates how the customer would actually have preferred to have stayed somewhere else had they known about the paint smell. 

While the fact that some decoration work has been carried will not typically be apparent when a booking is made, given the ad hoc nature of the need to do this type of work, it is something guests will take exception to once they find out about it, particularly if travelling with young children or someone with lung or skin allergies.
This is not the ideal way in which you would want  your establishment reflected, and not the sort of risk you would want to take in losing repeat business from the guest themselves, and potential business from those they may make their complaints known to.

Customer Complaint Paint Smell

This customer actually claimed to have felt sick as a result of the smell of paint resulting in them being transferred to another hotel. This perfectly highlights how paint odour can have an immediate cost to your business.

The hotel’s positive intention to refurbish its facilities in order to give customers a better experience has been completely overlooked in this instance because of the paint used.

Paint Smell Complaint

Another example of this surprisingly common problem, this time demonstrating some of the more unpleasant side effects of paint fumes and demonstrating how a refurbishment can end up costing you customers and revenue through complaints and refunds.

This is just a small sample of customer complaints relating to paint fumes and how it affected their experience. These hotels have almost certainly lost business through these complaints, and yet the problem seems so widespread its apparent not enough has been done to address the problem.

A Simple Solution

The increasing commonality of this problem within the hospitality sector has given businesses the false impression that unless you want to lose revenue through closing your facility your customers have to suffer - but this is not how it has to be.

Paintfinity’s range of products has been designed to overcome all the challenges businesses face in keeping their maintenance tasks quick, efficient and customer friendly.

All Paintfinity paints are virtually odourless meaning your customers don’t need to suffer and neither do your ratings! The main emission from Paintfinity paint is water vapour, meaning they are not only good for customer satisfaction but the environment too!

Other paint brands market their products as being odour free or reduced odour, but often this is only achieved by using a chemical additive to mask the smell, giving the illusion the paint is not emitting any fumes. However, these fumes are still present and can still cause side effects even while no smell is detectable.

Another key quality of Paintfinity paint is that it is dry and able to take a second coat if desired within just 20-60 mins, drastically speeding up work times and reducing the effect of maintenance work even further.

If you would like more information on Paintfinity products, or information on how to specify Paintfinity with your decorating contractor, please get in touch on 01962 711 640 or contact us below and we would be happy to help.

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