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Why Spending More on Paint Will Save You Money

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Painting can be the least expensive way to refurbish your business interior but that doesn’t mean you should do it cheap and most definitely not if you are a more high-end establishment. Buying cheap paint is considered one of the top 10 false economies by Money Wise (1) so it’s very surprising how many businesses fall for the ‘low’ price tag associated with budget paint, particularly when in commercial decorating, paint with more specific properties is required e.g. non-allergenic, quick drying, odourless and durable/washable paint.

Don’t let the false economy of cheap paint mean that you end up spending more!  

Here are just a few reasons why spending more on paint will save you money:

Better Coverage

Something that is rarely replicable with low quality paint is coverage. Better coverage is achieved by high quality paint brands with high solid content, better flow and spreadability. A key ingredient in high solid content formulas is titanium dioxide and Paintfinity use a high percentage of this mineral, albeit an expensive one. High solid content leads to better opacity, and therefore fewer coats. But beware, some premium paint brands also use clay as a component of their solid content, and clay does not perform as well, leading to bruising, scuffing and marking of walls. If you are specifying paint for a high traffic business interior always steer clear of these products, or you will need to re-decorate sooner than you had planned.  

Better quality paints will also generally include better quality resin, the base material for paint. Better resins will provide much better spread of paint on application and much greater durability.  Higher volume manufacturers will always seek to source lower cost resins and will include lower volumes of solids to save money, but these compromises will always be at the expense of the customer who will end up having to apply three or more coats of paint instead of one or two coats of a higher quality paint. 

Not only does this mean you will be buying more pots of the ‘cheaper’ paint to ensure the same level of coverage as a quality paint, but inferior coverage means more coats, which means higher labour costs - often higher than the cost of the paint.  More time equals more money and a more expensive project for your business.

At Paintfinity, not only do we promise that using our high-quality paint will provide you with better coverage, you will typically use 30% less paint. How do we know this? Our customers tell us! The price point of our paint might be slightly higher than the average commercial product; however, you will be saving your business money in the long run by using less paint and less time. If you are using a decorating contractor, remember to insist on specifying Paintfinity paint to ensure you are taking advantage of these benefits.

Better Durability

Although repainting is often the least expensive way to refurbish, it isn’t an expense you want to be faced with frequently, so it is important you chose a paint for your business that is going to last well and be easy to maintain. Hospitality is just one industry in which high durability paint is required, be it for a high-end boutique hotel, or a high-turnover restaurant serving 100-200 customers a night. You want to give all of your customers a consistently high-quality experience to reflect your business’s reputation, whether they are first in or last out. Unfortunately, this is not always something that can be achieved successfully with cheap paint.

Chipping, peeling, scratching and scuffing are all common when a low-quality paint is used, leaving your ‘newly renovated’ premises looking worn and run down despite spending hard earned cash. This is not something that any asset owner or manager would do knowingly, especially as this can lead to customer complaints!  

Cheaper paints are also more difficult to clean as a result of their low durability. Even using gentle soap and water can remove colour from walls, forcing you to repaint more regularly than if you had used a more durable product that is easy to clean. No-one likes to see a dirty wall, but patchy paint can be just as bad, so don’t subject your customers to the poor visual standards and performance results of low quality paint. Use a high-quality paint that will perform better and allow for cleaning alone to ensure your premised look better for longer.

Quicker Drying Times Less Fumes

Often, the most scrutinised cost of a refurbishment project is the cost of the project itself, understandably. But have you ever thought about the loss to revenue of having your establishment closed for a longer period-of-time, or from having operational spaces unable to be monetised whilst paint dries, and fumes disperse? 

Reopening your doors to customers with exposed, wet paint, rooms full of fumes and the inevitable customer complaints (something we covered in our previous post), is often a cost that is rarely considered as part of the cost of any redecoration project.  Yet, closing your facilities for days and losing the ability to generate revenue from spaces such as hotel rooms and restaurants is rarely sustainable either - time is money and the longer your business, or operational space is closed, the more money you will be losing.

Cheaper paint often takes a long time to dry and emits strong fumes which aren’t pleasant to anyone, particularly customers. At Paintfinity, we understand what’s important to our customers and so ensure that our paint is very quick drying and virtually odourless (without any compromise in the product quality), minimising lost in revenue, down time and customer complaints.

The Full Package

Paintfinity aims to tackle the challenges often associated with refurbishing your interior with a high quality, fit for purpose product that never lets you down. Paintfinity products might be that little bit more expensive per pot, but you will use less, cover more, reduce down-time and make maintenance much easier, benefiting multiple areas of your business. The benefits far outweigh any initial costs giving you a much greater return on investment, and It will be worth it every time.  

If you would like more information on Paintfinity products, or information on how to specify Paintfinity with your decorating contractor, please contact us or get in touch on 01962 711 640 and our team would be happy to help.

Remember, we can deliver to your site within 48 hours (Monday – Friday) for order made before 11am!

If you are using a decorating contractor, remember to insist on specifying Paintfinity paint to ensure you are taking advantage of these benefits.

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