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Bella Italia: Store refurbishment

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Store refurbishment

Paintfinity’s involvement in the refurbishment of the Camberley Bella Italia proves that the perfect finish can be achieved in less time and using less paint than you might think!

Commercial Challenge:

Tragus, the holding company for the Bella Italia brand required a fast track refurbishment of their Bella Italia store in Camberley. Due to the refurbishment being for the complete store, closure times needed to be kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary lost revenue. Project timescales were therefore just 7 days.

img 2910 2Refurbishment Objectives:

1. Update the internal fixtures and fittings and to re-decorate throughout.

2. Complete the extensive refurbishment work within a tight timeframe.

3. Have the store open for trade following the work without the latent smell of paints. No-one wants to smell fresh paint in a restaurant when dining!

4. To create an interior that delivers a great experience for customers when dining in Bella Italia restaurants.


A tried and tested contractor was appointed by Tragus to complete the work. The performance of the contractor was critical in the fast track refurbishment environment demanded by Tragus for its Bella Italia chain of stores.

Additionally, work and products used needed to be the best quality for many reasons, not least because the fixtures, fittings and finishes needed to be robust and able to stand the test of time. They also needed to be sourced in a sustainable way, as far as practicable. Because of Paintfinity’s established reputation in hospitality for providing eco-friendly, sustainable paint products that out-perform competitors, we were chosen as the sole paint supplier.

The products selected were; Painfinity Acrylic Matt, Acrylic Low Sheen and Acrylic Satin.

Results Delivered:

Within 7 days the store was transformed and the results astonishing. The project was successfully completed and the fit out and finishes first class.

The high opacity of our paint meant that the coverage was far superior to other paint brands and the quality of finish was excellent. What’s more, Tragus found they used 33% less paint than expected and because of the quick drying nature of our paint they did not lose any time due to paint needing to dry for extended periods between coats.  

And, on opening day, there was indeed no smell thanks to Paintfinity’s virtually nil odour formulae. A good result all round!

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