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The Dorchester: Benchmark of luxury

The Dorchester is One of the most recognised hotel names in the world and an exemplar of luxury, its spacious and elegant rooms have hosted the great and the good for over 85 years.

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Being the epitome of luxury service is no easy task. It must come through in every aspect of the guest’s stay, experienced through all 5 senses. It was for this reason that the Chief Engineer at The Dorchester, Andy Churchill, started looking for an odour free paint. 

“As we need to ensure our rooms and suites remain in the best condition we often redecorate between guest stays. It is important that the paint is odourless and dries quickly to ensure that best possible experience for our guests”, says Andy.  

In 2009 we were just launching Paintfinity and approached Andy, who decided to trial the product to see if it really was odour free and dried as fast as we said it did.

The Dorchester's Mission:

Minimise disruption to guests and reduce room voids by eliminating paint smell and emissions from paint.


The trial was a tremendous success and Andy and his team were very impressed. There was no smell, and rooms could go back into service the same day following re-decoration. This was something they had historically not been able to do. The result, they were able to increase room availability. They also found that the product was incredibly hard-wearing and easy to use. A win-win all round.

We are thrilled that the team love our paint so much that they have continued to use us from the very beginning. Today they use Paintfinity exclusively throughout Dorchester Collection’s UK hotel interiors and in their head office, on all painted surfaces. And not just because the product is so good.  

Andy said, “I can’t think of anything they could improve on. I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Thanks Andy. We’re incredibly proud to supply such an iconic British hotel and see our paints used in such beautiful interiors.

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