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The hospitality and tourism industry brought £73 billion to the UK economy last year demonstrating just how important it is for the country (1). Interior design and decoration is a large part of this and helps hospitality businesses provide their customers with an experience worth paying for. When specifying a paint for your business there are many things to consider including sustainability, cost, life time value, and even the type of finish you require.

Paintfinity has extensive experience working within the hospitality industry and providing high quality paint to meet the needs specific to the likes of restaurants, bars and hotels. This helpful guide aims to answer common questions raised when looking refurbish or redecorate a hospitality establishment.

What Are The Differences Between Trade And Retail Paint?

With the majority of painting and decorating stockists only selling major brand paint, much of it being targeted towards retail, the likes of Dulux and Crown have become house hold names. It is hardly surprising that as a result of this, many people are completely unaware of niche trade specific paints and are therefore oblivious to the significant differences between these and those from the major brands.

Typically, niche trade or commercial paint offers much better value and is of a much higher quality than the paint sold by your typical stockists. Niche paint providers are often in the business of offering quality rather than volume and this means the paint goes much further when applying it to a surface, therefore requiring less paint while also providing a higher quality finish. Retail paints can more often than not have a much lower opacity in comparison, meaning you need to apply more coats of paint to get the same coverage.

Not only does this mean using major brand paint will result in a need to buy higher volumes, it also means your painting and decorating contractor will need more time, leading to an increase in labour costs.

Using a niche trade paint in preference to major brand paint will save your hospitality business time and money, and providing you choose a high-quality trade paint with a credible track record in hospitality, you will also get a longer lasting, high quality finish. Take a look here for more information on the differences between paint. Take a look here for more information on this.

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How Can High Quality Paint Improve Your Hospitality Business?

In an industry where attention to detail is key, the quality of your décor will not go unnoticed. It is crucial for any hotel, restaurant or bar to provide a suitable experience in order to fully satisfy a customer.

This might be in the form of fresh towels each day, complimentary entrees or a particularly high level of customer service. However, it is important to remember the overall mise-en-scene of an establishment often has a significant effect on the experience a customer will have, and this includes the paint used throughout.

The quality of paint used within a hospitality business will not only contribute to your customers having a positive experience, it will also help to avoid situations where your property is described negatively, such as ‘run down’ or even worse; ‘tired’.

High quality low emission paint with quick drying characteristics will also help avoid complaints about nasty paint fumes and will eliminate the need for your operational business space to be closed for days on end waiting for paint to dry, causing you a loss in revenue. Take a look here for more on this.

Paintfinity’s products mean each layer is re-coatable within one hour and are virtually odourless with 70% of the emissions comprising of water vapour, making them ideal for high-turnover hotels or restaurants, helping you to avoid that loss in revenue. They also provide a much higher durability and better value that major brand trade or retail paints.

Hospitality Interior Design Inspiration

the dorchester bedroom

The hospitality sector contributes billions of pounds to our economy every year, and in an industry where attention to detail rules, high quality paints and interior design are absolutely crucial.

Some of our favourite examples of high quality interior design include:

  • The Dorchester - maintaining luxury since the 1930s and prioritising modernisation in everything they do, including their interior design.
  • Bella Italia - a great example of a brand that uses bold, contrasting colours to create a fun, family friendly environment that is instantly recognisable no matter which branch you visit.
  • De Vere Wooten House – a branch of the De Vere portfolio that create exquisite, classic interiors with a modern twist while also providing a high quality, long lasting paint finish.

Each of these examples use Paintfinity’s fast drying, sustainable paint with true colour matching technology in order to get the perfect finish every time. These paint paints provide better coverage, a longer lasting finish and less disruption to your business.
Take a look here for more information on Paintfinity trade products used within the Hospitality Industry.

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Signs That Your Hospitality Establishment Needs A Refurb

The hospitality industry serves to create an experience for customers, so knowing when to freshen things up, be it a lick of paint or a full refurbishment is crucial to ensuring that experience is positive and reflective of your brand.

But, how do you know when it’s time for a refurb?

Firstly, listening to the valuable opinions of your customers is a great indicator as to how your restaurant or hotel is looking. With sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Trust Pilot readily available at anyone’s fingertips it is increasingly easy for customers to voice their opinion on an establishment which is of particular importance within the hospitality industry.

If you start to see phrases like ‘tired’, ‘shabby’ or even ‘dated’ then it’s time for a refurb. Although being described in this way may not directly result in a loss of customers, it will reflect negatively on your brand, and that in turn will result in a loss of customers. First impressions matter!

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Internal reviews and staying in touch with the latest trends in interior design will also help ensure your hotel or restaurant is up to scratch, avoiding reviews like the above! When reviewing internally, look out for things like peeling paint, marked walls, off colour door frames and identify where things could be improved. Take a look here for more tips on what to look out for.

The True Worth Of Premium Paint For Hospitality

While choosing a premium paint might seem harder on the purse strings to begin with, it will more than make up for itself in value and will end up saving you money in the longer term. Take a look below for a snapshot of how:

  • Reduced Labour and Costs – Truly premium paint should have quick drying capabilities. This means your painting contractor will spend less time waiting for the paint to dry in order to add the next coat. As mentioned, our paints are ready for a second coat within one hour, meaning your contractor can be as efficient as possible with his time. The coverage of a true high-quality paint should also mean you need to apply fewer coats, again enabling you to save on labour costs as the surface area will require much less attention, and needing less paint overall to cover the space.
  • Increased Revenue – Closing your hospitality business down, or at least parts of the building/s for days, or even weeks to allow for a redecoration programme to be completed satisfactorily with paint that takes hours to be recoat dry isn’t an effective option. It causes you a loss in revenue and inconvenience for your customers. Using high quality paint with quick drying characteristics will eliminate the need to do this. Even better, find a paint that also has no odour meaning you and your customers don’t have to be subject to the dreadful smell of paint. See more on this here.
  • Better Durability – The hospitality industry is typically a busy high turnover environment. With customers coming and going constantly, the movement of stock, and a high chance of spillages, it is almost certain that damage to walls will happen. Providing you have chosen the right high-quality paint to begin with, this will enable walls to be wiped down easily and touched up where necessary without too much hassle. Lower quality paints are rarely as durable, making them difficult to maintain and will often not touch in well, meaning you need to redecorate more often.
  • The Perfect Finish – Low quality paint more often than not, comes in a standard set of finishes and colours for you to chose from. A colour match is often the nearest equivalent colour rather than an actual match.  Granted, the spectrum of colours available is usually wide, but it doesn’t quite live up to having a colour mixed to your exact specification or brand identity. Nowadays, most high-quality paint providers will offer some kind of colour matching service. However, ensure your paint provider provides true colour matching and not just a closest match from a wider catalogue of colours (see more on this here). At Paintfinity, our 5 step colour matching process means your colour is custom mixed to your exact specification, every time.

How Can Paint Help Make Your Hotel Sustainable?

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Sustainability is one of the most important issues currently facing our world, and it is of particular importance within the hospitality industry which historically has had a significant effect on our environment. As a result of this, hotels, bars and restaurants alike are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and negative impact on the Earth. Many establishments are now doing a great job when it comes to sourcing food and consumables and have made a major effort to reducing water use and laundry services. This has become so much of a priority that the government has initiated a number of incentives for businesses to become ‘greener’. These might include financial grants, tax relief and even insurance premium discounts.

The paint you chose to decorate your hospitality business can and will help your establishment become more environmentally friendly.

Paintfinity’s range of sustainable commercial paint products contain at least 50% less VOCs on average (see more on this here) meaning they have significantly less impact on the environment when made, used and disposed of. They also provide a higher durability and coverage than major brand competitors meaning you need less paint to cover the same surface areas, again reducing your carbon footprint and waste even further.

Take care of your environment and chose a more environmentally friendly paint. Take a look here for more information on Paintfinity’s commitment to sustainability.

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