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A. Not at all, Paintfinity products are pure acrylic using the latest raw materials and chemical technology. Our products are tougher and more durable than oil but have the added advantage of the ease of application of acrylic.

A. Paintfinity products are quick drying, have no odour and are extremely durable and serviceable in use.  Clean up of brushes and rollers can be done easily with plain water, hot or cold, and you do not need to use detergents.

A. Absolutely yes.  Paintfinity products are pure acrylic and each coat is re-coatable comfortably within 1 hour.  Doors and windows can be closed and secured within 2 hours of applying final coat.

A. Paintfinity products are formulated with the best ingredients and have a high solid content. This unique formulation provides finishes that are as good as you can get with oils based products but without the hassle associated with the long drying times and difficult clean up associated with oil based products.

A. It is true that our products are premium quality products, and when compared to many basic trade paints, the cost of Paintfinity is more expensive.  When compared to many premium products offered by the major brands however, our prices are comparable, and will outperform them all in terms of coverage, drying time and durability in use.  Typically, our products will require one less coat than our competitors saving valuable time and therefore cost in application.

A. We currently supply our products to trade, delivered directly to site or to your door.  For orders placed before 11am on any given working day, deliveries will be made by the following day before 4pm to any geographic location. Our customers find this more convenient than having to collect from a store. 

A. There are a number of reasons why Paintfinity is more sustainable than other brands of paint.  Our products have been formulated to have better coverage, and therefore you use less paint to complete the redecoration. Our paint is also extremely durable, so walls painted with Paintfinity can be easily cleaned, meaning less touching in or repainting is required. Finally, we use super strength pigments, so less pigment is required to create colours. All of these qualities lead to less of the world’s resources being consumed.

A. Our products are non-allergenic and do not cause any ill effect to people with respiratory problems.

A. We are able to offer Paintfinity in any colour you want.  Unlike our competitors, we will not provide you with the nearest colour from our range to the one you desire, but instead will match your desired colour exactly.  We do not despatch your sample or paint order until we are completely happy with the colour.

A. Sheen level is the glossiness of a paint finish.  The higher the sheen the greater it reflects light in the Specular (mirror) direction. The more flat a paint finish the more light is diffused at a range of angles.

A. We offer a range of sheen levels from Matt, 3% sheen, Low Sheen, 7% sheen, Satin, 20% sheen and gloss, 80% sheen.

A. The paint market in the UK is a mature market and the volumes consumed have not typically grown over the past decade. Major brands protect their market share by offering products that need recoating more regularly to provide repeat supply. As a new brand, we are gaining market share and as such have nothing to lose by offering customers better products that last longer.

A. Whilst you may not be able to with some water based products, you can with Paintfinity.  Paintfinity products can be applied to all previously painted surfaces irrespective of whether the previous paint is water based acrylic or oil based providing the preparation of the surface has been carried out properly.

A. No, unlike other brands where you need to buy a different external product to internal product, with Paintfinity, you are able to use our products, with the exception of Acrylic Matt, both indoors and outdoors.

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