Updates : More Value in the Can...

More Value in the Can...

 10th Sep 2015


So, what do we mean by this bold statement?

We have recently worked with a major UK hotel chain who decided to trial our products to determine suitability for use across their estate. Paint was used in several different hotels by different contractors, the result being that over 30% less paint was used than would have otherwise been the case with the incumbent paint supplier.

There is a direct correlation between paint used and labour time required to apply paint, and this is what we mean when we say to customers that by purchasing our products, not only does a customer get the best eco friendly performance decorative paint product available, but also the benefits of faster turnaround and quicker re-occupation times and increased revenue stream due to voids being minimised or eliminated.

In summary there is more value in the can from our products that is avaialble form our competitors. 

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