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 15th Feb 2017


Following the success of our coatings on a number of Liberty Living projects in 2016, Paintfinity® has once again been chosen for a number of Liberty Living capital projects in 2017.

Paintfinity® is a pure acrylic water based coating engineered specifically to provide business solutions through providing quality coatings. Our products for Liberty, and indeed many more similar organisations that we supply to can expect to have room redecoration commenced and completed the same day with use of the accommodation returned fully the same evening.

All of our products dry in record time being recoatable in just 1 hour. Doors can be coated twice or even three times in a day and then locked and secured in just one hour after the final coat has been applied.  There is also no odour from our products, so it is now possible to paint interiors without causing any irritation or annoyance to staff and guests resulting from the smell of paint, something that many people do not like.

In addition to the clear application benefits offered, our products also go on saving money for the property owner/operator because they can be cleaned and wiped down to remove many different marks that would otherwise stain other leading paint brands.  In the rare event that marks cannot be wiped clean, it is possible to touch in our product without risk of flashing, something experienced with many of our competitor products.

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