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Paintfinity offers the very best performing, sustainable paint products and decorating solutions to interior designers, architects, specifiers, buyers and asset owners in the contracts market. We understand the challenges specific to this dynamic market and deliver a product and service tailor made to meet these needs. Therefore you can relax in the knowledge that your project will be the best it could possibly be, at no extra cost and in record time - what's more you have done your bit for the enviroment.

100% Pure Waterbased

Our entire range of paints are water based, non-hazardous, low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and heavy-metal free. Our colourants have no VOC’s content at all. All equipment is easily cleaned in water.

Incredible Durability

The entire range of paint products are extremely durable and surfaces painted with paintfinity look better for longer.

Fantastic Opacity

Fantastic Opacity is achieved with our paints due to the quality of the raw ingredients and high strength colourants. This often means less coats are needed for an excellent finish. The paint can be touched-in easily without having to re-paint the whole area.

Amazing Re-coat Times

Our paints dry very quickly as a result of the high solids content across the entire range. Products are touch dry and re-coatable between 20 minutes and 1 hour. They have been engineered so there is virtually no splatter when using the paint.

Virtually Nil Odour

Our paints have virtually nil odour due to the clever use of innovative technology when manufacturing. The main emission from our paints is water vapour, making them totally good for the environment.

Outstanding Cleanability

Our paints can be cleaned over and over again without being detrimental to the appearance, providing the end user with a much improved longer lifecycle.

Value Engineering Your Paint Choices

Cheap paint is actually considered one of the top 10 false economies by Money Wise, yet many businesses still fall short when choosing to opt for a cheaper product that rarely leads to saving any money at all. In many cases in fact, cheaper paint will often lead to a business needing to redecorate more often.

There are three key attributes that are only found in paint when properly value engineering a business purchase. (and that means getting the most from each product, not spending as little as possible);

  1. Better Coverage – Rarely replicated in lower quality Paints. Lower price paints mean you generally end up using more of the product to make up for its lack of opacity and poor coverage. Lower quality paints commonly also means that the paint job takes longer as your painting contractors are subject to going over the surface area multiple times. Paintfinity paint provides a high-quality coverage meaning you will typically use 30% less paint than when using a lower cost, thinner product.
  2. Better Durability- In the commercial sector durability in paint is a crucial point to look out for. High footfall, customer turnover and any number of things happening in a busy commercial building mean that walls in particular are subject to much more wear-and-tear than in a domestic situation. This often leads to peeling, scratching and scuffing, all of which contribute to that ‘run down’ aesthetic previously mentioned. Spending a small amount more on a higher quality paint will mean your businesses has to redecorate and ‘patch up’ less, therefore saving money.
  3. Quicker Drying Time- Keeping spaces within your facility closed due to wet paint isn’t ideal and worse, can lead to a loss in revenue. Spending a little more on a paint with quick drying properties and nil odour will make all the difference meaning your facility is closed for only the minimal amount of time and your contractor spends less time waiting for the paint to dry and more time painting! 

Paintfinity has all three of these characteristics, giving you a full commercial paint solution and a truly value engineered product. Take a look here to find out more.

Questions To Ask Your Commercial Painting Contractor

You often rely on your commercial painting or decorating contractor to tell you everything there is to know about decorating your establishment and specifying the correct materials to do so.

However, it is crucial to know what your businesses is entitled to as part of the contract and unfortunately, sometimes, things can slip through the cracks because you simply didn’t know what questions to answer. This can leave your business out of pocket and your annual budget in tatters as a result of additional extras you simply weren’t aware of when enlisting the help of a contractor. Take a look here for more information on what questions you should be asking your contractor when instructing.

paint question markpaint question mark

Specify Your Own Paint

Many customers can often rely on their painting and decorating contractor to specify the best materials for the job. Contractors may not always specify the best value for money products meaning your businesses is out of pocket. Many contractors may not be aware of the shortcomings of major paint brands, having been convinced by slick marketing. 

Additionally, there are unfortunately a small minority of contractors that that knowingly specify high quality products and then when they are awarded the job actually use low cost, mediocre products to boost their profitability while cheating your businesses out of money. This is often termed as being victim to ‘Bait and Switch’ which is something that can be easily avoided by specifying and purchasing paint products yourselves, giving you and your businesses peace of mind that you are getting what you have paid for; a high quality product.

Our blog, Is Your Painting Contractor Losing You Money is a great source of information on avoiding financial losses through your contractor.

Should I Specify Odourless Paint?

With 90% of customers reviewing the service of hospitality establishments before booking, customer experience has never been of greater importance and, similarly, negative comments more damaging.

There is nothing worse than an establishment being described as ‘run down’ or ‘shabby’. Or is there?

Believe it or not, the number of customer complaints as a result of a recent refurbishment can often outweigh complaints about an establishment being run down, and a strong contributing factor in this is the nasty smell of paint fumes.

The undesirable and often overpowering smell of paint is bad enough when exposed to for just a few minutes, causing headaches and in some cases dizziness and nausea. Being exposed for longer periods of time can be unbearable, and asking someone to sit and eat dinner or enjoy a relaxing stay in a facility with the strong smell of paint will often lead to unhappy customers.  Customers that are unhappy will result in a loss in revenue, be it through losing clients all together or having to refund them for their negative experience.

There is however a simple solution to this problem that many buyers and asset owners aren’t fully aware of. Paintfinity’s range of odourless paint has been designed with this challenge in mind, offering a cost-effective way to avoid customer complaints and save revenue when refurbishing your establishment. Paintfinity’s products do not use any masking agents to hide paint smells, often associated with many in similar major brand products. Take a look at our blog Why Your Refurb Is Losing You Money for more information.

Real Colour Matching

Colour matched paint has become increasingly popular amongst businesses who want to keep a consistent brand image and use brand colours and accents throughout their properties/establishments. This of course comes at a price but a price worth paying if your business is seeking to achieve a high quality, instantly recognisable result.

It may come as a surprise for you however to learn that in most instances colour matching services don’t always offer what you think they do. At times paint manufacturers who claim to use colour matching technology actually provide you with the closest option from their range of colours  instead of a paint mixed to your exact specification. Take a look here for more information.

At Paintfinity our 5 step colour matching process means we are able to take a sample you provide us with and turn this into a high quality commercial paint perfectly matched to your specification. If you would like to know more on our colour matching technology and process.

colourful flowers

What Is Sustainable Paint?

VOCs - or Volatile Organic Compounds - are commonly found in commercial (and domestic) paints and are usually the cause of the headaches, nausea and dizziness one feels after having been exposed to paint for a long period of time. Not only this, VOCs are also incredibly harmful to the environment and since 2010 paint manufacturers have been required to reduce VOCs below a specified limit, forcing them to use less harmful chemicals.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to both businesses and individuals so using sustainable products where possible and understanding the chemicals in the products you choose is crucial. Understanding a paint’s VOC levels is a great way of identifying which products are most sustainable, which is a great way of reducing your business’s carbon footprint whilst presenting a great PR opportunity for your establishment.

Paintfinity’s products have at least 50% less VOCs than required by legislation, and our commitment to sustainability is engrained throughout our brand and business. As a certified Carbon Neutral company we have a vested interest in providing sustainable, environmentally friendly products to our clients. View this blog if you would like more information on sustainable paint.

Avoid Common Paint Problems With A High Quality Product

Painting your commercial space is often the most cost-effective way of refurbishing or renovating. Using cheap paints however can lead to various problems meaning the ‘cost effective’ renovation actually ends up costing your business more than you bargained for.

When using low quality paint products there are a number of issues you will be faced with 6 months or so down the line. What may have looked like a quality, fresh finish to begin with will begin to look tired and in need of some TLC very quickly? Issues including chalking, peeling, chipped or soiled paint surfaces that cannot be cleaned are very common, and can leave you wondering what you paid for in the first place, particularly when you are now faced with specifying further products and services to fix the problem(s). The cost of applying paint is often 80% of the cost of a decoration project, so low quality paint needing redecoration more frequently will quickly become uneconomic. Our Common Commercial Paint Problems & Solutions blog highlights these.

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