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Considerations When Painting Your Restaurant

Having a well decorated interior is important to any business that interacts with clients or customers. For restaurants it’s particularly important due to the effect your choices can and will have on your clientele.

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How Paint Can Help Make Your Hotel Sustainable

There has never been a greater expectancy for the hospitality sector to become sustainable. In 2018 a greener outlook is not so much anticipated as it is demanded.

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4 Differences Between Niche and Mass Market Paint

Due to the over exposure of retail paints many people are completely unaware of the niche commercial paint products that are available, and that offer much better value than other, more high-profile paint brands.

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How High Quality Paint Will Improve Your Hospitality Business

Presentation and perception are critical for a hospitality business. Much time, money and effort is spent ensuring premises look perfect for those that frequent them, but why is it so critical?

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Branding In Hospitality Design

Brand recognition can go a long towards securing customer loyalty. Is your logo recognisable? And does it demonstrate your company values? Remeber, consistency is key...


How Much Does Cheap Paint Cost Your Business?

Opting for cheaper paint can actually cost you far more in the long-run. Premium products are known as such for a reason, lasting longer and looking better throughout their lifetime.


Signs That Your Establishment Needs A Refurb

Determining when to redecorate your premises can be tough. Nevertheless, a handful of clues should prompt business owners into action and ensure their surroundings remain visually appealing.


Short Term Gains, Long Term Losses

Put in place to guide spending, most projects are constantly pushing up against their budgets - leading to compromises that are often detrimental, and end up costing more than simply paying a little more in the first place.

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Paintfinity For The Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector is a multi-billion pound industry where attention to detail rules. That strive for perfection is one helped in no small part by the selection of paints. There can only be one solution.


4 Common Commercial Paint Problems & Solutions

Painting your commercial space, can require a substantial investment. Scoping the project to identify potential issues is a standard recommendation before committing to a contract with a decorating contractor.



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