Product : Tips for Best Results

1 Equipment:

  • Use only synthetic brushes and rollers.

  • Airless spray application, dilute 25%. In all instances seek technical guidance from the manufacturers of the spray equipment.

2 Decanting:

  • Ensure you have the right paint for the surface to be decorated.

  • Decant the paint to be used into a paint kettle or paint tray. Do not use paint straight form the pail.

  • Clean rim of pail and reseal with pail lid once paint to be used has been decanted.

  • Avoid returning paint from trays and kettles to the pail to avoid risk of contamination.

3 New Surfaces:

  • When applying to new plaster, ensure plaster is fully dry following the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply one thinned coat of your chosen Paintfinity top coat as a mist coat, first diluting by no more than 25%.

  • New timber surfaces should be knotted.  

  • Prime new timber surfaces, plastics and laminates with one coat of Paintfinty All Purpose Primer before applying top coats.

  • Metal surfaces should be primed with a quality metal primer.  

4 Use of Filler and Caulks:

  • The use of powdered fillers such as Polyfiller, Tetrion or similar are not recommended.

  • For best results use Easifill, Red Devil, Onetime or two pack fillers for wood.

  • Always spot prime fillers with either a thinned coat of your chosen Paintfinty top coat diluted up to 25% or Paintfinty All Purpose Primer.

  • Allow caulk and fillers to dry fully in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, before painting.

5 Previously coated surfaces:

  • Primers, undercoats and mist coats are not required when applying Paintfinity products to previously coated surfaces including oil / solvent based coatings, when cleaned as follows:

  • Clean surfaces fully with sugar soap to remove any grease or other contaminants.

  • Use an antifungal cleaner to remove any surface mould.

  • Do not attempt to remove grease or other contaminants by sanding only.

  • Once cleaned, lightly sand surface to form a key and then clean with a lint free cloth.

6 Drying time:

  • Drying times will vary based on temperature and humidity.

  • Paintfinity products can be re-coated as soon as they are touch dry, usually between 20 minutes and one hour.  

7 Temperature:

  • Paintfinity products can be applied in temperatures between 5 and 30 degrees celsius.

  • Please be aware that surface temperature is important, and where air temperatures are 5 degrees, some surface temperatures such as metal are likely to be much lower.  Avoid application on surfaces that are below 5 degrees celsius.

8 Protection:

  • Paintfinity products are non-allergenic. No breathing apparatus or other personal protection is needed for the use of our products. However, it is recommended that cotton or cotton / synthetic overalls or coveralls are used. In the unlikely event that you experience any skin sensitivity to Paintfinity products please refer to our safety information.

  • Whilst good practice to use in a ventilated space, it is not essential for our products to need good ventilation when used.

  • Paintfinity products are engineered not to splatter when in use, however we recommend the use of appropriate drop sheets to protect other nearby surfaces.

9 Clean up:

  • All Paintfinity products are water-based, 100% pure acrylic. Tools and equipment can be easily cleaned with fresh clean water and without detergents.

  • Any residue of paint left in pails should be left to dry and go hard.  Once hard, simply dispose of with normal waste.

10 Storage:

  • Ensure that after use, rims of pails are cleaned, and lids properly refitted and sealed to avoid contamination.  

  • Only store Paintfinity products in their original pails.

  • Store all Paintfinity products between 5 and 25 degrees celsius.


For full detailed information see the product information and safety sheets:

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